Monday, April 25, 2011

Something a little different!!!

Ok.... so I haven't been on here blogging in awhile because school and work has had me so busy these past couple of days, but I have decided to do something a lilttle different and that is to talk about someone elses fashion and that would be Japan. I love their style in clothes. They dress so neat and cute. I love it <3. So I am going to post a few pics that I adore and you guys can tell me what you think!! : )

A model showcases Spring/Summer 2009 collection designed by support surface on the catwalk on the second day of Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo at Jiji Press Hall on September 2, 2008 in Tokyo, Japan. This was taken  at Japan's fashion week. I like this outfit. It is put together so well. I I think it looks neat and sleek!

A model showcases Spring/Summer 2009 collection designed by support surface on the catwalk on the second day of Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo at Jiji Press Hall on September 2, 2008 in Tokyo, Japan.I love shirts like this. Cute and sleek. They are so comfortable and you almost find them anywhere. Esp. forever 21 and they have some good deals on things!

Cute and Fun... This is the Harajuku look...

 Another picture of Harajuku Girls...

Their style is a lot like ours but at the same time a little different.. and I like seeing and learning about different things!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Fashion!!! : )

Man oh Man I have been so busy with school and work that I almost forgot to update my blog.... This weekend was so pretty.. Well atleast in Morristown TN.. I know some people experienced some bad weather over the weekend but were I was it was so beautiful!! So here are some more Spring/Summer fashion that maybe you like and will rock during the Spring/Summer months!!!

 I love this... To me Bright colors is a must when it comes to summer fashion... Orange is a real pretty color and I love the shoes too... A nude color shoe is perfect to me because if you had bright shoes with the orange would prob. be a lilttle too much.

 Open toe and Bright colored shoes are perfect for the summer months also...

 I just love summer dressed like this... Cute and fun!!!

Let me know what you girls think and what is your favorite summer fashion?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Fever!!!

Okay so as well all know Spring is now here, but one minute its warm and hot with blue skies and the next minute its cold and rainy and so its hard to really dress for this kind of weather. You don't know if you should put your winter clothes away or not... so here are a few outfits for all the girls out there that I like and looks springy but you can also throw a scarf or something with it to keep you warm on those cool days....

 This outfit you can wear when its warm outside of course but you add the cute sweater on those cool breezy spring nights.

Okay... so you have the sandals for the warm weather and they are also oh so cute but you also have the scarf and nice matching sweater to keep you a little warm on those breezy but warm days walking to class or etc.

 Lastly this fabulous outfit... I love the hat idea.. i don't wear too many hats but I would with this... Super cute and excellent for a Springy Day!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011


So its been so rainy here lately and I am sooo glad that I have my rainboots, they come in handy. Not only have I wore my rainboots but I have seen so many other (females) wearing theirs also. I haven't seen too many males wearing them. lol but here are a couple of pics of some stylish cute rainboots... I bought mine at target here in Johnson City, but I have also seen some at Wal-mart.... Tell me what you guys think about rainboots!! Do you have any?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Fashion is now here!!!!!

Yay spring is now here and I am sooo excited... I was getting a little tired of "Old man winter"! These past couple of days have been so pretty so you know that everyone had on their shorts, flip flops and summer dresses.So.... I am going to post a few cute fashion outfits/accessories that may fit you this spring and upcoming summer!

1. Gladiator sandals!!! I love them... You can wear them with "almost" anything, shorts, skirts, long maxi dresses etc. They have been in style for awhile but I have a feeling they will be around for awhile longer esp. this upcoming summer.

2. Maxi Dresses!! These dresses are so comfortable. I love wearing them. You can wear these just about anywhere. You can wear them on just a regular day or if you have somewhere to go and its a formal setting you can add just the right accessories to doll it up!

3. Rompers/Jumpers!!! Just like the "Maxi" dresses these things are so comfortable. Some people call them Rompers but sometimes I hear Jumpers too but doesn't matter they are cute. You can wear them with a pair of cute sandals or dress them up with a pair of cute heels.

What do you guys think? Tell me some of your favorite summer wear!! I would love to know what you like to wear or what you think is in style!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Red Carpet Oscars

Ok soooo the Oscars just recently passed and ofcourse I was watching what everyone had on during the red carpet, don't get me wrong I love watching the Awards and I love to see who wins what... but I also like to see how everyone was dressed that evening. So incase you missed it here is a few pics of certain celebs on the red carpet. OH! One more thing its March yay... so you know what that means.. Spring will be here before we know it and that means Spring Fashion... I love it.. The summer dresses and the flip flops ahhhh can't wait...

1. Halle Berry  This is one of my Favorites.... Just lovely.. Like this color looks so good on her.. Not everyone could pull this off along with her cute lil hair cut....... : )

Natalie Portman  She is so adorable Pregnant to me.. lol but great color on her also... Purple is my favorite color. I love how she picked this very comfortable, flowy dress.... Two thumbs up!

Mila Kunis  I just love her too!! She's  so pretty... She always looks lovely when it comes to any red carpet!

Jennifer Hudson Fabulous!!!! I love this color... She looks so glam!

Helena Bonham  She would be my worst dressed... Horrible

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Grammy Awards

Ok... so recently the Grammy's were here and you know of course I was watching to see how all the celebs looked and what they were wearing. There was some great outfits and then not so great. I will have my own "Best Dressed" award and the my own "Worse Dress" award. You guys can also decide who your best and worse dress was also.

My Best Dressed goes to- Jennifer Lopez. I love love love this look. She just looks so sassy in this dress and her body is amazing!

My Worse Dress award goes to two people-

1. Nicki Minaji-  I love her music, the girl is creative, but I am not liking this for the grammys. All this leopard makes my eyes hurt!!

2. Katy Perry- Katy Perry Grammys 2011 Angel Wings Pictures She is such a pretty girl, but im not liking this look either. I think its the wings I don't know.

What do you guys think about their grammy look and also who did you pick for your "Best" and "Worse" dressed looks!?